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Police investigating shooting that left two wounded at Marina Del Rey bar

Police investigating shooting that left two wounded at Marina Del Rey bar
Police investigating shooting that left two wounded at Marina Del Rey bar 02:22

Two men were shot in Marina Del Rey late Saturday night at a bar on Washington Boulevard, resulting in a long investigation. 

Los Angeles Police Department officers told CBSLA Reporter Laurie Perez that two men were transported to a nearby hospital and are in stable condition. 

When authorities arrived, they found the two men with gun shot wounds outside of Fin & Feathers. 

Mick Davoudian was in his car at the stop light when he says he heard shots ring out across Washington Boulevard near Lincoln Boulevard.

"Next thing I see is three of those rental scooters that everyone has around here coming around the bushes, people diving, one person fell and I'm like something's up, what's going on,?" Davoudian said. "And then within a couple seconds I see a black SUV, I think it was a black SUV, big SUV, passenger side window facing toward the parking lot there and I hear pop pop pop pop pop one after the other and then I see people diving. I screamed at our guys, we had four people in the car, four dogs, I'm like we're in the middle of a shoot out, I'm going!"  

Davoudian sped off and eventually called 911.

Witnesses and authorities told Perez that the scene unfolded when a Hispanic man opened fire towards patrons at the bar.

A security guard returned fire, hitting the original shooter and an innocent bystander.

Perez spoke with the general manager of Fin & Feathers, who said that the man was originally inside the bar. He left, got into his car and drove around before returning. 

This time he returned with a pistol in his hand and pointed it at the bar, according to the general manager. That is when the security guard shot at the suspect.

"In response to the incident occurring on the corner of Washington Blvd and Del Rey, one of our security team members was lead to use excessive force to ensure the safety of those in the area…," the bar said in a statement obtained by CBSLA.  

It's unclear why the man opened fire towards patrons. 

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