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Corvette going over 140 mph weaves through traffic during pursuit

Authorities in high-speed chase with driver
Authorities in high-speed chase with driver 22:19

A Chevrolet Corvette led police on a high-speed pursuit through the San Gabriel Valley and into Downtown Los Angeles Thursday night. 

It began in the Pomona area but weaved into the San Gabriel Valley through the I-210 Freeway before transitioning onto the I-605 South. As the sports car cut through traffic, the suspect reached speeds above 140 mph. 

The suspect briefly drove on surface streets before quickly entering the CA-60 Freeway towards Downtown LA. The driver continued to recklessly weave through traffic at extremely high speeds before briefly slowing down to hit an off-ramp.

After exiting the freeway into downtown, the driver sped into head-on traffic in an attempt to lose police. The reckless driving continued with the driver routinely going into oncoming traffic and coming inches away from hitting other cars. 

Officers eventually lost the car in a parking garage. 

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