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Only On 2: Police Hunt Suspect Who Stabbed Man 13 Times Outside Taco Truck

ECHO PARK ( —  Kris Brown was stabbed 13 times outside a taco stand but says he wasn't going to go down easily.

"Even if I was going to die, I wanted people to know what this man was," said Kris Brown.

It's a story that is Only On 2.

Brown. 46,  showed CBS 2's Rachel Kim the stab wounds that nearly took his life. He believe his attack was racially-motivated.

On May 2nd around 2 a.m,, Brown was on his bike at a taco truck on Sunset Blvd and Echo Park Avenue.

The Air Force veteran says as he was waiting, he noticed a strange man heading in his direction, coming down the sidewalk, looking at him with hate in his eyes.

"He spit on my shoes, as I approached and looked at him, he pulled out two knives and[tried to] attack[ed] my eyeballs," Brown says.

Victim Of Stabbing
(credit: CBS)

Brown says the man, who was caught on security cameras, is his attacker. As Brown tried to defend himself, he was stabbed over and over again.

"He went straight for my eyes, I pulled him down with me because I wasn't going to lose an eye, he had two knives and attempted to stab me 13 times. All of them were attempts at my heart," Brown said.

Even after Brown fell to the ground, the suspect kept stabbing. When he eventually walked away, Brown got up and tried to go after him so he didn't hurt anyone else.

"The man was lit up on something that I couldn't describe," said Brown.

The LAPD hopes someone can help identify the suspect -- he has gray tips on his beard and was wearing a Planet Fitness t-shirt. Detectives believe he is extremely dangerous

"It's a monster out there, a guy who walks around with two knives in his pockets, je's out like that? That's garbage. That does not need to exist, not on our streets," Brown said.

A GoFundMe Link has been set up to help the victim. Click here for more information.

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