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Police Crack Down As 'Sideshow' Drivers Shut Down Freeways To Perform Donuts

LOS ANGELES ( — Police are worried over a new trend reaching LA in which drivers shut down busy freeways to attempt dangerous stunts.

A video recently posted to Instagram shows a black pickup truck, shutting down what may be an LA freeway, in order to perform donuts and spin outs in the middle of the road.

The practice, which brings traffic to a standstill, is known as a "sideshow". While drivers have been performing donuts for decades, the LAPD says that these sideshows only appeared recently, and that they are a problem.

"This might be an extension of the illegal racing crowd that we're seeing," LAPD officer Jack Richter said. "First of all, it's dangerous. Second of all, you can lose your car, we'll impound your car. We'll not only cite you, but we'll take your vehicle."

A previous video, recorded over a cell phone, recorded a sideshow on a busy freeway in Oakland. In the video, several vehicles shut down the interstate to perform donuts, as individuals on foot take part in watching.

While the practice seems to have originated in the Bay area, police say it may be spreading south.

California Highway Patrol reports it has arrested nine motorcyclists involved in a similar incident on the 405 freeway in February, 2014.

Both LAPD and CHP want to reiterate that sideshows are illegal and dangerous, with incidents of related injuries being reported in the bay area.

"The police will have no tolerance for that activity."

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