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Police Capture Wanted Felon After 'Tireless' Chase In Palmdale

PALMDALE ( — Police pursued a wanted felon in Palmdale on Thursday afternoon.

The suspect was reportedly armed and dangerous and believed to be carrying narcotics.

The driver, a white male, also had a female passenger in the car.

Stu Mundel, reporting in Sky 9, said: "It looks like every cop in town is following this guy." At least a dozen squad cars were following the suspect.

About an hour into the chase, the CHP also joined the pursuit.

The driver lost his front, driver's side tire about a half hour into the chase. Officials deployed a spike strip, which punctured the tire.

At one intersection, the suspect had to swerve to avoid hitting pedestrians in a crosswalk.

A second spike strip seemed to puncture his rear driver's side tire as well. The suspect ended up having only one working tire.

The suspect, on his flattened and damaged tires, often went no faster than 20 mph.

The CHP conducted a pursuit-intervention maneuver to force the vehicle to lose control.

The car was disabled at a Walmart parking lot.

Officers ordered the suspect out of the vehicle, and he came out with his hands up.

There appeared to be nearly 20 squad cars involved by the end of the chase.

The suspect was also followed by a Sheriff's Department helicopter.

Officials then ordered the vehicle's passenger out of the car. She was taken into custody without incident.

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