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Plans For Bull Run Stir Controversy In Riverside County

RIVERSIDE ( — Plans for a Rock 'n' Roll-style bull run in Riverside County are stirring controversy and firing up animal rights activists.

Dubbed by organizers as The Great Bull Run, the event is scheduled to take place in June.

As CBS2's Tom Wait reports, if all goes as planned, the bull run would happen just outside Temecula at a property known as the Galway Downs.

Regardless, Temecula Mayor Maryann Edwards told Wait that she's received calls from residents, demanding that she pull the plug on the event.

"The bull run came as a total surprise to the city of Temecula and our residents," she explained. "Telephone calls probably were more concerned with ... you know, [that] this isn't the type of event that Temecula would want or perhaps they're concerned about the welfare of animals that may be involved in the event."

Late Friday, the county issued a press release stating that the venue has not been approved for a bull run. However, organizers based in Boston told CBS2 via Skype that they've been told the event is cleared to take place.

On the subject of animal cruelty, Rob Dickens, the CEO of The Great Bull Run said, "it's much more tame than I would say as far as the bulls are concerned ... much more tame than a rodeo. You don't have anyone strapped to your back kicking you in the side with spurs. Just like horse racing, nobody is sitting on top of them, whipping them to make them go faster."

"It seems a little bit kind of barbaric but that's just my opinion," said one resident. Another said, "I think it's gonna be great of old town to bring the bulls here because it's a small town and it brings exposure from all over."

Wait reports that the county is currently not commenting on the permit because they have yet to receive an application.

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