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Pit Bull Allegedly Bites Chunk Out Of 11-Year-Old Boy's Leg In San Pedro

SAN PEDRO ( — An 11-year-old San Pedro boy thought a pit bull was going to kill him Saturday evening.

The boy was attacked on Saturday evening off 9th Street in San Pedro. The boy -- identified as Marshon Oxley -- is in the hospital and may require a skin graft.

KCAL9's Erica Nochlin spoke to the boy's family and he described his ordeal via cellphone.

"It bit me on my leg and my finger," says Oxley from his hospital bed.

Fingers Bit

Nochlin reported that the dog took a chunk out of the boy's thigh that reveals an image "too graphic to show."

"I felt like my life was in danger," Oxley said, "I felt like the dog was going to kill me."

Neighbors said the dog attacked Oxley while he was playing with his brother and cousin in an alley.

The dog owner's apartment is around the corner.

The pit bull owner didn't want to come outside or show Nochlin the dog, but told her it was all an accident.

"He was on a leash. The dog got loose, the kid run, so my dog felt threatened," the owner said.

She asked if Animal Services had yet contacted her about the attack and she said, "No."

LAPD responded to the scene but Animal Services only heard about the incident, Nochlin said, after she called them.

They said they will investigate the attack. Typically, after a dog bites a human being the animal is investigated and possibly quarantined.

The boy's mother believes the dog should be put down.

"If this dog don't get put down," said Myra Linton, "it will happen again to someone else's child."

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