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Pia Mechler On The CW's 'Devils': 'There's A Lot Of Real Life Events That Are The Back Drop For This Story'

(CBS Local)-- On Wednesday night, The CW Network premieres a new show called "Devils," about a large investment bank that discovers a worldwide financial conspiracy. The series is based off the 2014 best-selling novel with the same name, ot stars Patrick Dempsey and has already premiered overseas.

In addition to being exposed to the show, the American audience will also get to witness the brilliant acting of Pia Mechler. The German raised actor plays Eleanor Bourg, the only woman trader working at the bank that discovers the improper financial behavior. Mechler enjoyed playing this role and being on this show for so many reasons.

"It's a crazy show that was hugely successful in Europe and I'm very happy it's finally coming to America," said Mechler, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "Friends have been asking me about it and finally I can share it with them. Devils is about a financial conspiracy that is found out by a group of traders in the British branch of an American investment bank. I am one of these traders and I'm the only female trader in that group. They find out all of this during the time of the financial crisis between 2008-2011. There's a lot of real life events that take place and are the backdrop of this whole story."

Mechler says learning financial lingo like shorting a stock was like learning another language. The actor, director and musician believe the American audience will be fascinated by the world of finance presented in this new show from The CW.

"I had no idea about that financial world and the lingo to start with," said Mecher. "It was a character that you don't get offered often and that was hugely interesting. What was more interesting to me was the psychology of these characters. I was wondering what was driving these people. At a certain level, they've made so much money and they could retire tomorrow. Why do they continue playing this game and that's exactly what it is. It becomes a game to them."

"Devils" premieres Wednesday night at 5 p.m. PST on The CW Network.

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