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PETA Models Shower Nude In Hollywood To Protest Meat

— Jenn McBride,

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — PETA's latest stunt is making a sudsy mess and captivating drivers in Hollywood. Our cameras were rolling when a distracted motorist caught a glimpse of PETA's naked beauties and plowed into the car in front of him.

PETA Stages Nude Demonstration In Hollywood
PETA activists Virginia Fort and Meggan Anderson showered nude on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Tuesday to advocate conserving water by going vegan. (credit: Erik Oginski/CBS)

The girls are baring it all and showering in public to promote a Vegan lifestyle.

PETA says by giving up just one pound of meat, Americans can save up 2,463 gallons of water – or six months of shower water.

However, we spoke with Jeremy Russell of the American Meat Association over the phone and he says there's more to it.

"Sometimes when people do these sorts of carbon-footprint analyses, the obvious answer is the opposite of what they thought it was," he said. "Water use is actually quite expensive for meat companies. There is a constant pressure, an economic pressure on them, to become more and more efficient in how they use water."

For those who are interested, however, spokesperson Lindsay Rajt says that it has never been easier to go vegan.

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