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Perris Wants Its Own In-N-Out -- And It Wants It On The Double-Double

PERRIS (CBSLA )  -- Perris recently began asking residents what business they want in town, and one answer came up again and again.

KCAL9's Tina Patel said residents clamored for In-N-Out Burger.

"Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and you have these cravings and you just want In-N-Out," says Sonia Arellano.

James Macaraeg also gets the hunger.

"When you have that craving and it's not in the area. you got to go to either Menifee or Moreno Valley, and that's too far," he says.

The city could have made a pitch to the In-N-Out corporate offices. Instead, it asked residents to take part in a social media campaign. The hashtag #PerrisWantsADoubleDouble.

"In 14 days, we had over 30,000 hits on our social media website," said Grace Williams, Perris' director of planning and economic development.

"Food does amazing things. I think it brings people together, and In-N-Out was just sort of that common thread that brought all the communities together," Williams says. "So it's pretty cool."

Folks from all over Perris contributed to the site with photos and videos showing their devotion for the Double-Double.

Albert Salazar, 5, got to show off his Halloween costume from last year and won a key to the city.

Steven Miranda was recognized for his video on Instagram but he says the prize he really wants is for the campaign to work.

"That's what I'm really hoping for, to get an In-N-Out in Perris," Miranda says.

Given the enthusiasm here, if a restaurant were to be open in the area, it would clearly do well.

"Oh, definitely. We'll definitely be there," says Mari Salazar.

"I'm going to order a Double-Double," says Miranda, asking his daughters, "and what are you going to get?"

One said, "Double-Double with fries., "Fries and a cheeseburger," said the other.

Officially, In-N-Out has not given the city of Perris any indication that they might open a restaurant there, but city leaders are pretty sure the company has taken note of their social media campaign -- and they're going to keep up the pressure.

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