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Perfect for the Early-Morning Crowd: the Guaranteed Alarm Clock

If we are to believe everything we read, a university student in India invented the Good Morning Sing N Shock alarm clock, because he kept missing class.  The clock rewards sleepers who hit the snooze button with a mild (he says -Ed.) electrical shock.  "...harmless, but enough to energize you,"  he says. I bet.

On my shift, there's never time to hit the snooze button.  But I have never been able to figure out why the snooze button is so big, and the actual button to turn off the alarm --resetting for tomorrow, not disabling it for good-- is so small.

And for anyone who cares; since oversleeping is not allowed on this shift, my secret is an old-fashioned clock radio on "94.7 the Wave" at 2:25 a.m., with my beeping  alarm-watch on the same nightstand, set as a back-up at 2:26.

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