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People Making A Difference: Rancho Santa Margarita Teens Create Online Tutoring Program

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA (CBSLA) — From teachers and parents to districts and administrators, the coronavirus pandemic has crippled the school system and forced all educators to think outside of the box to help children learn from a distance.

And two teens from Rancho Santa Margarita are hoping they can help by offering online tutoring for students struggling with remote education.

"It makes me feel like I'm doing something in this world, like I'm making a difference," Sania Sanghani said.

Sania and her best friend Suki Chandok, who finished eighth grade this past May, saw firsthand the challenges posed by remote learning.

"I found it a little bit harder to understand my concepts without my teacher being there to help me," Sania said.

"I also found it a little bit hard to ask questions," Suki said. "It's different asking questions in person than virtually."

So the two sprung into action.

"We decided to use our free time over the summer to help kids improve their understanding of school subjects through an online Zoom call," Sania said.

The pair groups kids by age and subject, then contact the parents and set up an online video call.

"I feel like they really enjoy our tutoring, because Suki and I are closer in age to the students than a normal tutor," Sania said. "So I feel like the kids are more comfortable asking us questions and understanding from us."

Each session costs $5, and Sania and Suki said they're looking to donate the proceeds.

"Our idea is that we educate these kids who have the resources to take our classes, and then we give all our money to underprivileged kids so they can get a better education," Sania said.

"It's a very humbling thing to just give back and to serve your community," Suki said.

Those interested, can learn more about Sania and Suki's tutoring program on their website.

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