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Patty Hearst's Shih Tzu Competes Fur The Win At Westminster Dog Show

NEW YORK ( — Patty Hearst made headlines in 1974 when she was abducted from her San Francisco apartment by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA).

The socialite and granddaughter of newspaper giant William Randolph Hearst was 19 when she was found robbing a S.F. bank with the SLA and considered to be an accomplice to their crimes.

This Tuesday, Hearst again found herself making the news, this time at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The 61-year-old mother of two is the proud co-owner of "Rocket," a Shih Tzu that won top toy dog at the event and was up for "Best in Show."

Patty Hearst
(credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The event is the second-longest-running sporting event in the nation and features 192 breeds of four-legged competitors.

The setting was a far cry from Hearst's life 41 years ago when she was coerced into joining the SLA and accompanied them on several robberies.

Nineteen months after she was abducted, police got a tip that the SLA was holed up in a house in South L.A. What ensued was the biggest shootout in L.A. history. The house caught fire and six SLA members died.

But there was no sign of Hearst.

She was eventually caught less than two years later in Northern California, and served 21 months in prison.

Shortly after her release, she married former policeman Bernard Shaw and they had two daughters, Gillian and Lydia Hearst.

Patty Hearst currently resides in New York and is a prominent philanthropist and socialite.

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