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Pastors, Community Leaders Call For Peace, Calm In Pasadena

PASADENA ( — Following a deadly shooting and a police chase that ended with two innocent people --including an 11-year-old boy -- losing their lives, community and religious leaders Sunday asked for an end of violence in Pasadena.

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Jeff Nguyen attended a peace rally outside the All Saints Church in Pasadena where more than 100 people turned out.

Pastor Jean Burch of the Community Bible Church said, "We will not settle for violence. We will not be quiet while innocent people are being killed."

One of the most recent innocents, Victor McClinton. The former employee of the LA County Sheriff's Department and youth organizer was gunned down -- caught in the crossfire of gang-related violence -- outside his home on Christmas day.

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said, "One person, one family, one athlete at a time. He changed Pasadena.

Bill Bogaard, Pasadena's mayor, also took the time to remember the dead in Newtown, Connecticut and ask for tougher gun laws. "These incidents of violence based on the ready access to guns are unacceptable. And our challenge is to find ways to reduce the risk of violence and the tragedies that result."

Organizers of today's rally said more had to be done than just limit people's access to guns.

The clergy from Pasadena and Alta Dena also called for awareness against gangs. Police say a car carrying known gang members fatally crashed into Tracy Ong Tan, 26, and her 11-year-old cousin Kendrick Ng on Christmas night.

During the rally – speaker after speaker said the only way to prevent such tragedies is for neighbors to look out for one another and get to kids before they consider joining gangs.

Bottom line, reports Nguyen, this is a community fed up with violence.

Pastor Kerwin Manning, of the Pasadena Church, said "And we're here to say today -- not on our watch."

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