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Pasadena Police Seeking ATM 'Shimming' Thief

PASADENA (CBSLA) — A warning at the ATM about a new kind of device. A man is secretly stealing PIN numbers and cash.

As CBSLA's Rachel Kim reports, Pasadena Police want the public's help identifying a man who they believe stole more than $25,000 by using a shimming device at an ATM.

Investigators say he was caught on camera at the Pasadena Federal Credit Union putting the device in the card slot.

He also attached a small concealed camera next to the keypad to record the PIN number the customer punched in. After he got the info he needed, he came back to remove the device and the camera.

"I guess they're finding new ways to steal people's money," said Maria Vasquez.

"It's scary. I don't have a notification. I wasn't notified, I didn't know what happened," said Jennifer Haught.

Police say the shimming device, also called a "shimmer," is inserted in the ATM card slot. It then reads the chip from the debit card and records the debit card number. Security experts say "shimmers" are more high tech than "skimmers."

Customers at Pasadena Federal Credit Union say they are now learning about shimmer devices and say they're going to make sure they weren't a victim.

"That's what I want to know. Go home and find out did anything happen to my account or anyone else in my family," said Haught.

If you can help identify the man or have any information for investigators, please call Pasadena Police.

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