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Parents Of Teen Seen Sucker Punched On Viral Video Are Outraged About Attacker's Light Sentence

SYLMAR (   —  The parents of a Sylmar teen shown being sucker punched by another student in a video that has gone viral are outraged about the alleged attacker's light punishment.

"I don't think justice has fairly been served," said Ed Peisner.

He and wife Giselle Peisner are disappointed with the sentence a 15-year-old boy received Friday for sucker punching their 14-year-old son, Jordan.

"He got a punishment that unfortunately we're not allowed to talk about but do I believe it was the right punishment? No." said Ed.

Jordan was hanging out with friends after school on December 9th when the boy walked up and punched him from behind. He suffered a brain injury and was hospitalized for six days. He's had seizures, headaches and hearing loss.

"Jordan's life has changed permanently; the consequence is  temporary," said his father.

Jordan didn't know his attacker. In fact, a girl reportedly paid the boy to punch someone while another girl videotaped the attack.

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He balls up his fist and says, "this is a weapon and it really can be used as a weapon. And the kids don't know this. They can can ruin a life."

They believe posting the video was the motivation behind the attack, but the girls were never charged.

"Only one arrest was made. And she was found not guilty in an LA teen court. And the girl who recorded it wasn't charged with anything," Ed said, "because that's not a crime. Yet."

Jordan's law could change that.

The family is working with a couple of Senate members to get Jordan's law or AB-1542 passed.

"I am hopeful that  good comes out of this," Giselle said.

While they call the punishment a slap on the wrist, they believe the boy is remorseful for his actions.

"The other side spoke about their actions," Ed said, "and it was heartfelt. There were tears on both sides."

Ed Peisner says it's his mission to turn this mess into a message.

The family heads to Sacramento later this month to help push Jordan's law.

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