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Our Whitney, Beer, and Mackerel

No sense crying over spilled milk... or ice cream. Late last year, it was ice cream all over the interstate in Indiana. About 20 tons of praline crunch, et. al. Officers reported an influx of drivers with spoons. Whitney reports on traffic issues every morning. I'd like to see what she'd say about these.

Overseas, in the Netherlands, they reported an influx of drivers with... straws and mugs. A truck that drops a couple thousand cases of Grolsch will do that to ya. 

2,184 cases of Beer

Still, better than a couple thousand fish. Or as the first responders said: "Holy mackerel!" (This stuff writes itself. -Ed.)

Tons of Mackerel

The fish-slick reportedly happened earlier this year in Ireland. You know, if all three of these trucks had collided (yes, or course you want everyone to come out OK. Sheesh.), we could have had beer-battered fish, with ice cream for dessert. Or not.

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