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Our Official Food Guide To Smorgasburg L.A.

p+p_picklesandjam_by - Carolina Kornan Photography- chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Carolina Kornan Photography)

(Credit: Carolina Kornan Photography)
DTLA recently welcomed Brooklyn-born Smorgasburg to the Alameda Produce Market. Open every Sunday from 10am-6pm, the food market is an open-air collection of prime food vendors, offering everything from tacos and oysters to pizza and frozen pops. With so many options, you'll want to strategically plan your first visit. Here's a rundown of most of Smorgasburg's best eats. It's official: Smorgasburg has come out west!

Fruit Bowl Amazeballs - Amazebowls - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Amazebowls)


We're living in a bowl-loving world right now, so get your mixed fruit and granola fix at Amazebowls. One of the most beautiful versions is served in half a coconut shell and dotted with fruit and flowers. If you prefer to drink your meals, they have smoothies and cold brew coffee as well.

Banh Oui banh mi - Banh Oui - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Banh Oui)

Banh Oui

You'll say yes to all of Banh Oui's versions of the popular bánh mì sandwich served on housemade bread with housemade pâté. Expect to see variations like shrimp meatball, pork belly and chicken meatball bánh mì on the menu.

Belly & Snout) verified Chrystal baker
(Credit: Belly & Snout)

Belly & Snout

Belly & Snout's slinging classic Filipino dishes and Pinoy-inspired American classics. Crispy lumpia, adobo tacos, longanisa grilled cheese, sisig hot dogs and oxtail tater tots are just a few of the goods.

Califas Style Taco - Califas Tacos - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Califas Taco)

Califas Tacos

The guys behind Mexicali Taco & Co. will serve tacos, fries and tacos topped with fries, along with their house Califas sauce. Carne asada, pollo asado or vegetarian-friendly mushrooms are your choices, but you might as well try all three.

Mozza Sticks - Big Mozz, Inc - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Big Mozz, Inc.)

Big Mozz

Order fresh, hand-pulled mozzarella at Big Mozz, and watch them prepare your cheese right in front of your eyes. They're also bringing wood-fired New York pizza and gooey, fried mozzarella sticks to the West coast.

Birria Burritos Burritos La Palma - - chrystal baker - verified
(credit: the minty)

Burritos La Palma

Skinny burritos filled with slow-cooked birria, chicharrones, chicken tinga and more are on the menu at Burritos La Palma. Depending on how you're feeling that day, get those handmade, meat-filled tortillas stuffed or smothered with beans and cheese.

Pozole - Calo Provisions - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Caló Provisions)

Caló Provisions

Here's your chance to meet the Mexican powerhouse stew that many already know is a cure for all that ails. Caló Provisions' inspired pozole bar allows you to build-your-own bowl starting with your preferred broth--chicharron dashi or vegan shiitake. You won't regret adding a soft-boiled egg to the mix.

Carnitas El Momo taco - Yelp Teresa E
(Credit: Teresa E./Yelp)

Carnitas El Momo

Slow-cooked, tender and flavorful pork is the name of the game at this top taco food truck. The fresh, spicy salsas, like verde and roja add the perfect kick. No need to track down the mobile eatery now that they're guaranteed to be stationed at Smorgasburg.

Angry Samoa Donut Friend - Donut Friend - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Donut Friend)

Donut Friend

Highland Park's creative shop brings its fried cake and yeast donuts to DTLA. Hopefully, you'll get to taste signature treats like the Fudgegazi, Stiff Little Butterfingers, and Nutellavision, or one of the limited offerings like S'Morrissey and Angry Samoa.

Choripan - Elvios Chimichurri - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Elvio's Chimichurri)

Elvio's Chimichurri

If you've been wondering where you can find a choripan sandwich in L.A., Elvio's is the answer. The Argentinian-born, family-run business will serve the popular chorizo baguette sandwich with their housemade sauces.

Goa Taco - Valerie Cordero- chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Valerie Cordero)

Goa Taco

Can Indian and Mexican food mix? According to Goa Taco, yes. Order a couple paratha flatbreads stuffed with fusion fillings like rojo lamb shoulder or mojo beef, then judge for yourself.

Biscuit and Cream - Archie Carey - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Archie Carey)

Good Gravy Bakes

Flakey, buttery biscuits smothered in sausage gravy or slathered with a duo of blueberry lavender jam and basil whipped cream. Expect to find a multitude of biscuits and accompaniments, savory or sweet, from Good Gravy Bakes.

Grilled cheese - Greenspans Grilled Cheese - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Greenspan's Grilled Cheese)

Greenspan's Grilled Cheese

Chef Eric Greenspan's grilled cheese sandwiches include a Cuban reuben, tuna melt, short rib and even the option to make your own. Pair any sandwich with fries or housemade soup, but the latke bites are a great option too.

Cubaono - Ichicoro - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Ichicoro)


This East coast ramen shop hits the West coast with its cubaono. It's a mash-up of a Cuban sandwich in a steamed bao bun. Ichicoro fills each one with its roasted pork, pickles, cheese, and a yuzu mayonnaise mustard spread.

Jolly Oyster kumamotos - Jolly Oyster - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: The Jolly Oyster)

The Jolly Oyster

The joint freshly shucks oysters right on the spot, handing over suckable finger food by the half dozen. Or dozen, if you're that kind of person. The locally sourced oysters are best paired with The Jolly Oyster's house mignonettes.

Little Spoon - Little Spoon Frozen Pudding - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Little Spoon Frozen Pudding)

Little Spoon Frozen Pudding

A new cold treat for the summer is frozen pudding. Little Spoon hand blends and freezes flavors like nana banana, caramel latte, chocolate campfire and a vegan, gluten-free coconut cream pie. Unlike melted ice cream's mess, this one just reverts back to pudding.

(Credit: Michel Phiphak)


Lobsterdamus' charcoal-grilled lobster is the main event for the guys behind this pop-up restaurant often found at the OC and 626 Night Markets. They also serve lobster balls drenched in garlic butter, plus a pile of lobster nachos.

Maurys Bagels - Sam Gezari - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Sam Gezari)

Maury's Bagels

This Eastside pop-up from a previous general manager at Gjusta and Gjelina Take Away now has a second home in DTLA, so you can do Sunday morning breakfast the East coast way: with a good bagel with schmear. Freshly baked plain, sesame, everything, pumpernickel and salt & pepper bagels are served with your topping of choice, including lox, whitefish and cucumbers, and veggies.

Monsieur Egg - Monsieur Egg - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Monsieur Egg)

Monsieur Egg

Monsieur Egg's mantra should be "put an egg on it" because you'll find it on or alongside everything. Menu items include dishes like a green scramble with spinach, arugula and kale, a burger with caramelized onions, brie and a fried egg, and the classically French Croque Madame.

Nana Pops - Nana Pops - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: NanaPops)


Hand-dipped, frozen banana pops are NanaPops' specialty. After the fruit is rolled in chocolate, choose your toppings, and head off with a healthier, sweet treat in hand.

Poke - Poke Alaea - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Poke Alaea)

Poke Alaea

The same guys behind Ramen Burger have their hands in poke now as well, serving an ode to Hawaiian's traditional preparation. One of the key ingredients is Hawaiian alaea salt, which is a blend of local sea salt and mineral-laden, red volcanic clay.

Popdup - Popdup - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Bernadette Low)

Popd Up

This local syrup company focuses quality, sustainability and community via a product that can be used in various drinks, cocktails and edibles. You'll find craft sodas and cold brew teas at Smorgasburg, which will keep you cool while you nosh.

p+p_chxmushrooms - Paulette Dallas - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Paulette Dallas)

Porridge and Puffs

Porridge and Puffs will bring Smorgasburg diners its unique take on varieties of the warm, savory rice dish and fried rice-based dough, respectively. Chicken and mushroom with smoked-hibiscus egg, pickles and jam, and puffs with jasmine cream are just a few of the dishes you may find on the menu.

raindrop cake - darren wong - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Raindrop Cake)

Raindrop Cake

The transparent "cake" is a visual beauty with a jiggle like jello and the encapsulated flavor of fresh precipitation. Enjoy the wobbly wonder with a helping of brown sugar syrup and soybean flour.

Ramen Burger - Ramen Burger - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Ramen Burger)

Ramen Burger

If you were hit hard by Ramen Burger closing its brick-and-mortar doors earlier this year, buck up. Now you can have those grilled burger patties sandwiched between ramen buns on a weekly basis.

Lobster Roll Kit - Red Hook Lobster Pound
(Credit: Red Hook Lobster Pound)

Red Hook Lobster Pound

L.A.'s full of lobster rolls just in time for summer. The Red Hook team serves Maine-style (a bit of mayo) or Connecticut-style (just butter) lobster stuffed into a split-top bun. Go gluten-free, and have your lobster nestled in lettuce.

mango rice - sticky rice - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Sticky Rice)

Sticky Rice

Smorgasburg is Sticky Rice's second post in DTLA. If you've never had the restaurant's mango sticky rice, look forward to a dessert made of Thai glutinous rice with fresh, sweet mango and coconut thick.

avocado toast - Smoke, Loaf & Saucer - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: Smoke, Loaf & Saucer)

Smoke, Loaf & Saucer

The female trio behind Smoke, Loaf & Saucer turned a Kickstarter dream into a Smorgasburg reality. The bakers serve creamy avocado on their own smoked potato bread with a topping of Maple Block Meat Co. brisket. They also have freshly baked smoked chocolate chip cookies.

Noodle collage - We Have Noodles - chrystal baker - verified
(Credit: We Have Noodles)

We Have Noodles

Fill up on savory bowls with We Have Noodles' rotating offerings from different parts of the world. That means a bit of hot Vietnamese pho, curried Thai noodles, cold Japanese soba, spicy Korean somen, and more, including vegetarian and vegan varieties.

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Chrystal Baker is a freelance food and events contributor for CBS Los Angeles, Basil Magazine and Frugivore Magazine. She is the co-editor of a recipe blog, The Duo Dishes, and manages her own lifestyle and travel blog, Any and Everywhere.
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