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Orbeez Challenge on TikTok an increasingly growing problem in Huntington Beach

Teenager arrested for TikTok's Orbeez Challenge 02:01

Police says a new TikTok challenge is becoming a growing problem in Huntington Beach — the Orbeez Challenge.

(credit: Huntington Beach Police Department)

The challenge apparently encourages people to do drive-by-style shooting using projectile shooters known as gel blasters or gel ball guns. In some cases, the water-filled gel beads are frozen to intensify their effects, police said.

This year, Huntington Beach police say they've received multiple police calls for service about citizens being shot with "water pellet guns." At least one minor has been cited for battery this month for shooting another minor in the face and body with this type of gun.

Huntington Beach police say they are cracking down on these incidents, which could result in misdemeanor or felony criminal charges and civil litigation if it results in injury to a person or damage to private property. Such guns can also be mistaken for an actual firearm from a distance, and some people have painted these toy guns to make them look like real firearms, according to police.


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