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Orange, Newport Beach Vote To Join Opposition Against Sanctuary State Law

ORANGE (CBSLA) — Residents in yet two more Orange County cities had their chance to sound off on the state's so-called "sanctuary state" law before local lawmakers decided to join other cities in suing California.

The debate over SB54 in front of the Orange City Council went late into the night Tuesday, with Mayor Teresa Smith at one point threatening to end the meeting if people kept shouting at speakers.

The Orange City Council ultimately voted 3-2 to stop complying with SB 54.

"It's completely infuriating when I hear people crying and whining about what's going on with the illegal aliens," said one man in a Trump shirt at the podium. "I'd like to see the border secured, I wanna see a wall, and I wanna see all illegal aliens systematically and aggressively removed from our country."

The law signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown in October limits the ability of local law enforcement authorities to cooperate with federal immigration agents. Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Trump administration would be suing the state over the law.

The love for President Donald Trump was on full display, with well-known supporter Arthur Schaper draping himself in an American flag and yelling "God bless Donald Trump!" into the mic.

Robin Finston of "We The People Rising" echoed the predominant sentiment, saying, "SB54 is about protecting criminal aliens. SB54 allows those individuals to return to our communities. This is an issue of public safety."

Still, local supporters of last year's sanctuary law made their opinions known.

"The California Values Act, SB54 will not stop ICE. SB54 gives us a chance to focus on our community relations with police departments, help our community members be safe from targeted exploitation of workers, students, families," said Betty Valenci.

In a closed session, Newport Beach City Council voted 7-0 to authorize City Attorney Aaron C. Harp to have the city join in support of the lawsuit, "including but not limited to an amicus brief," according to Deputy City Manager Tara Finnigan.

Los Alamitos, Huntington Beach, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Fountain Valley, San Juan Capistrano and Yorba Linda have all taken measures to either opt out or join the federal government in suing California.

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