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Orange County Threatens Big Fines For Excessive Christmas Decorations

LADERA RANCH ( — Orange County is threatening substantial fines to one neighborhood over their extreme Christmas decorations.

Twenty-one residents in Baudin Circle in Ladera Ranch say they received letters from the Orange County Public Works department, stating that their lights are safety hazards.  Some homeowners at Baudin circle have taken pride in putting together an impressive Christmas lights show for ten years.

"We had to take down any cords that ran across our sidewalk, as well as any of the roads," resident Jeff Stover said.

The fines are said to be in the amount of $500 per day if the lights are not taken down by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

"This was, I think, our second notice today, and basically it says we have twenty-four hours to take (the lights) down, before we get fined five-hundred dollars a day," resident Cynthia Mellow said. "I texted my husband 'we need to take those lights down'."

A spokesperson for OC Public Works says that a crew will visit Baudin Circle on Wednesday morning to make certain residents there are in compliance with the county.

"We really understand," OC Public Works' Shannon Widor said. "People love to celebrate the holidays. We just ask that they take the proper step, and that would be obtaining a permit, because safety is the top priority."

Residents say that they intend to comply, but will be applying for permits for next year.

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