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Only On CBS2: Boy Awaits Service Dog That Will Be A Life-Changer — If She's Ever Delivered

NEWBURY PARK ( — The community of Newbury Park stepped up to help one of their own, a 9-year-old boy with special needs who was in need of a service dog.

They helped pay for the dog, and Goldie was supposed to arrive three months ago.

But CBS2's Jeff Nguyen reports the dog hasn't arrived.

It's a story that is only on CBS2.

Nguyen spoke to Ben Hillard and his family Friday.

"I really love Goldie because I love dogs," said Ben.

Goldie is trained to detect when Ben is about to have an epileptic seizure.

"At nighttime, we don't know how many seizures he has at night. So, giving us peace of mind if there's an event, we can take care of it," says Ben's mother, Lynne.

The cost to get a service dog like Goldie is well over $12,000.

Ben's parents went through a nonprofit group in Northern California called Pawsitive Service Dogs Solutions.

They asked friends and family for financial help and word quickly spread. Dozens of donations were made on their behalf straight to Pawsitive Solutions.

"People mailed us money. People walked up and handed us money for this dog," says Ben's father, Ron.

Ben's medical condition makes it hard for him to socialize with other kids.

His family was hoping Goldie could help him break the ice at school.

"I heard somebody say I could make more friends with a dog at school," Ben told Nguyen.

"That made me feel more happy because then he would actually have a chance to, you know, not have people make fun of him," said Ben's sister, Sophia.

Ben And Goldie1
It's nap time for Ben and Goldie. (credit: Lynne Hillard)

Pawsitive Solutions hasn't delivered Goldie for permanent placement.

And the Hillards don't know where she is.

Nguyen has been trying to reach Pawsitive Service Dogs Solutions. "We even called the executive director," he reported, but he got a recorded message.

"If you need to leave a message regarding Pawsitive Service Dogs Solutions, you can get with our attorney."

Nguyen spoke to their attorney, who said: "Pawsitive Solutions is looking to file for bankruptcy."

"You ask people to help you when you have a sick kid. And we asked in good faith. It's embarrassing because I felt maybe as if I should have known but I didn't know," said Lynne.

On Friday, Nguyen learned about 20 families are suing Pawsitive Solutions for delivering dogs that weren't trained or not delivered.

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