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Only On 9: Wild Fight (He Has A Knife, She Has A Gun!) Reported During Alleged LAX Road Rage Incident

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) --  A wild and potentially dangerous confrontation occurred at LAX tonight.

It's a story that is Only On 9.

It all began with a minor accident. Then tempers flared.  Witnesses told CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Cristy Fajardo that is when things really got out of control.

LAX Police are used to dealing with unruly passengers -- but this time they said it was two drivers who caused all the drama.

Police said a road rage incident at the arrivals level at Terminal 7 got so heated weapons were involved.

There was a Jeep, a knife and a busted window on Enterprise shuttle bus. And before it was all over, police said there was also a gun.

Officials said the bus and the Jeep collided and the driver of the Jeep got out and began yelling.

Witnesses told Fajardo that the man began pounding on the bus window hard enough that it shattered.

Police were called and the Jeep driver told police that the bus driver pulled a gun on him. Officials told Fajardo the bus driver admitted pulling a gun on the Jeep driver saying she pulled out the firearm in self defense.

Road Rage at LAX
(credit: CBS)

Police have arrested both the Jeep driver and the Shuttle bus operator at the scene to sort out what happened. An Enterprise employee was also arrested, and police say that employee is believed to have been passed the gun and tried to hide it.

Fajardo said she saw the knife on the ground. It was unclear at what point the knife was dropped or when the Jeep driver pulled it out. The man said he always keeps the weapon in a sheath.

Enterprise sent another bus to pick up the passengers so they could continue on their way.

Police closed off several lanes while they investigated the incident They also had to wait for a tow truck to move the bus. The incident and the aftermath forced a long delay at arrivals.

No one was hurt.


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