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Only On 9: Investigators Probe Viral Video Showing 2 Dogs Sticking Out Of Trunk Of Moving Car

LOS ANGELES (   —  The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a bizarre incident that was captured on cellphone video and going viral on the internet.

Tiger in the tank? Horsepower under the hood? How about dogs in the truck?

The video shows two dogs sticking out of the trunk of a moving car.

KCAL9's Peter Daut has the story that is Only On 9.

A stunned witness said he posted the cellphone video and several photos on social media after seeing the two huskies Monday in South LA. The witness said the incident took place near the intersection of Florence and Avalon.

The dogs appear to be calm. The trunk is being held down by a bungee cord.

"I believe it's dangerous to have two dogs back there," says Dr. Richard Polsky, an expert on animal behavior.

Polsky said he was alarmed by the video -- but he also told Daut he says not to jump to conclusions about this possibly being a case of animal abuse.

"We have to get more facts, you have to get more knowledge about the circumstances in the background of these dogs," Polsky says.

Daut says the dogs' owner declined to speak on camera but told him by phone she put the dogs in the trunk because her children were in the backseat. She added they were on a short trip and fine.

The LAPD's Animal Cruelty Task Force and ASPCA are both investigating the incident, even though both says it appears no crime was committed.

According to state law, "animals can be transported in the trunk of a vehicle, as long as they're prevented from being thrown, falling or jumping."

Regardless, the concerned driver who took the cellphone video says that still does not make it right.

Police say they plan to talk to the owner of the dogs. They said she will likely get off with a warning.

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