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Only On 2: Woman, 62, Sues LAPD For Allegedly Roughing Her Up In Church Parking Lot

LOS ANGELES (  —  A 62-year-old woman who says the LAPD roughed her up in a Koreatown church parking lot has filed a lawsuit.

The woman -- Ok Jin Jun -- spoke to KCAL9's Tom Wait Wednesday evening.

Jun is suing the LAPD, the city of Los Angeles and two police officers.

It's a story that is Only On 2. And the question is, did LAPD cross the line?

The woman's arrest was captured on surveillance video. Her attorney says the video is hard to watch.

"Seeing this occur to a person so vulnerable like her, is very disturbing," said lawyer Antonio K. Kizzie.

Jun's car is shown pulling into church in the early morning of April 14th. Behind her, an LAPD SUV. Jun says they followed her into the church parking lot after she honked her horn about a half dozen times at them as they blocked the church driveway.

When Jun gets out of the car she's confronted by the officers. She says they asked for her registration. A discussion ensues. Jun does not speak much English. Her son explains what happens next.

"From that point my mom was confused. She didn't feel like she did anything wrong," says Jun's son, David.

He says his mom tried calling 911 to get an interpreter and also tried calling her husband.

She hunches down to make a call. The argument appears to intensify. The two officers pull Jun up and push her against her car. It looks like a struggle ensues. Jun is forced to the ground where she's handcuffed.

"They grabbed her by the wrists and twisted her into a submission position," said David.

Wait showed pictures of Jun and how she looked after being taken into custody after being taken to the hospital.

Before it was all over, four more LAPD cruisers had arrived on scene.

Jun's son said his mom is deeply traumatized and questions who she can trust.

"I'm even fearful of people because police officers are the ones I'm supposed to be able to trust," she told Wait, via her son.

Wait reached out to the LAPD for a response and a source told him unofficially the officers are being reviewed for a routine use-of-force report. Also, unofficially, they told him that "mental health" might have been a factor in their response.



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