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Only On 2: Federal Police Officer Accused Of Sending Nude Selfie To Woman Who Needed Help

LOS ANGELES ( — A federal police officer is under investigation for allegedly sending a nude selfie to a woman who had come to him for help.

Investigative reporter David Goldstein has the story you will see Only On 2.

Goldstein spoke to the woman (we obscured the West LA resident's  face) who was still upset by the selfie.

"It's scary," she said, "I mean, this is a police officer."

Goldstein confronted the officer outside a store.

"Officer, did you send this ... a naked picture of yourself?"

The picture is almost a full-length nude. He allegedly sent it to the woman's cell phone.

"It's shocking," she said, "No one has ever sent me a nude selfie before. Let alone a police officer who I was going to him for help."

The 31-year-old woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she and her mother went to the VA in Westwood last November.

She sent she went to look for a VA officer to help her search for her missing uncle, a veteran.

That's when the woman said she ran into officer Jason Fougere.

She said the officer took her information and her cell phone number. He also reportedly gave the woman his card with his personal cell phone number written on it.

A few days later, the woman said she received a text message asking if she had a boyfriend and if she wanted to go for coffee sometime.

"I quickly responded that I was in a meeting," said the woman, "and I couldn't talk right now."

She said the officer then sent her a selfie -- this one in his full uniform.

He allegedly wrote, "Here's something to remember me."

She said she deleted that text.

Goldstein asked her what she thought about the text and that picture.

"We laughed, because it was shocking," said the woman's mother. "That we would get a picture of a police officer in uniform, that we met the day before. What do we need that for?"

From there, the women said the texts became increasingly graphic and dirty.

One complimented the woman on her large breasts.

"Your boobs are humongous," he reportedly wrote on one text. "They must be fake. Those will be the first fake t--s I touch."

That's when the women said the naked selfie followed.

She texted him back, that he was "way out of line." She added the officer was "very disrespectful. Please DO NOT contact me."

Fougere allegedly replied, "Very sorry! I won't contact you anymore!"

When Goldstein caught up with Fougere outside a store, he said the officer had nothing to say.

The VA said they were doing an internal investigation regarding the alleged misconduct. The officer has been reassigned without any law enforcement authority while the probe is conducted.

The woman said that was a good thing.

"He's supposed to be there to protect these veterans," she said, "and this is how he's acting."

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