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Only On 2: Federal Officer Shown Allegedly Kicking Handcuffed Suspect In The Head In Pomona

POMONA  ( New video shows a man in handcuffs, on the ground, being kicked in the head by a law enforcement officer.

It's a story that is Only On 2.

CBS2's Tom Wait spoke to Alex Garcia, the man who shot the video.

The cellphone video shows what looks like a routine arrest until one of the officers kicks the suspect in the head.

The guy is clearly handcuffed and does not appear to offer any resistance,

The officers are not with the Pomona Police Department.  They are federal officers, Wait reported.

Garcia says he started recording because he believed the officers were using excessive force against the unidentified suspect.

"One of the officers started handcuffing him. The other one was on top of him and socked him on the back," Garcia said.

It's not clear why officers from the Federal Protective Service arrested the suspect. But Garcia says there was police activity at the Social Security office near Mission and White.

Federal Protective Service officers protect federal facilities.

"They were chasing him or whatever ," said Garvia, "he starts to back off. He starts backing away, they pull out their Tasers, he said don't shoot, don't shoot. So they shoot him, they Tase him and he falls to the floor."

Garcia says what you see in the video is what he saw –- the suspect after he was hit with the stun gun and then the startling moment when the officer whacks him in the head.

"Walked up to his face and just kicked him, like,  in the face. The guy was already in handcuffs on the floor. There was no need. He wasn't struggling, he wasn't resisting arrest. He's Tased on the floor in handcuffs," Garcia said.

The officers report to the Department of Homeland Security. Wait reached out for a comment and has not heard back.

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