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Only On 2: Family Demands Explanation After CHP Pulled Over Their Funeral Procession

LOS ANGELES ( — Loved ones traveled in a cluster of 100 or so vehicles, like a metallic herd on the 10 Freeway, as they made their way towards the cemetery.

But their funeral procession came to a halt when a California Highway Patrol officer pulled over one of their escorts, prompting all the other cars to pull over too.

Reporter Erica Nochlin sat down with the family for an interview you'll only see on CBS2.

The family says they were outraged when that driver was handed a traffic ticket. That anger can clearly be heard in a female relative's voice during cell phone video taken of the stop: "These people just lost their stoppin' a whole funeral...this is ridiculous man."

Family member Ricky Powers says he's still mad his chance to mourn his aunt, Sandra, was interrupted by the officer: "I asked him, I said, 'You really think this is the time and place for that? I mean, we're grieving right now.'"

CHP Officer Chris Baldonado says that lead escort was ticketed for stopping traffic in the far right lane of the eastbound 10 when doesn't have that authority.

"It is a sad situation," said Baldonado, adding, "I think [the officer] acted within his powers, and his best discretion."

He says the officer told the lead escort he only needed his vehicle to stop and the rest of the procession could continue on to the cemetery.

But the family says the CHP went too far.

Powers thinks "it was just unnecessary. Someone took their job too serious, on a power trip, needs to be reprimanded, needs to give the family a public apology."

Three LAPD officers told Nochlin that funeral procession escorts can stop traffic on surface streets. They were all surprised to hear what happened to this family.

CHP says freeways are different.

"Traffic doesn't stop, so as big of a procession as that, you definitely have safety concerns," Baldonado said.

The funeral home who hired the procession escort told Nochlin they plan to fight the ticket in court.

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