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Online Dater Is A Heart Breaker, Purse Taker

RIVERSIDE ( — Riverside police say a man who has been able to attract women through his online profile and then earn their trust for a second date is off the market.

"Very handsome man. Laid back nice. Easy going. Easy to talk to to. Someone that you wouldn't really think was a predator," said "Ann" one of his victims.

"Ann" asked to remain anonymous. She says she met "Manny" online and he picked her up at home twice. The second date ended badly.

"Duped. Stupid. How did someone pull this one over on me. How did someone pull this one over on me because I'm pretty sharp."

Several women told police. "Manny" asked them to check the car for something wrong and once outside, "Manny" sped off, leaving the women curbside and purse less.

"He took off, Almost ran over my foot. Did this just happen to me? I had to flag somebody down to call 911."

Up to five women claim the same thing happened to them. Police say "Manny" would then put their things online to sale.

"Manny" Quinonez, 29, won't be dating online anytime soon. Police busted the cyber Romeo during a recent sting when he thought he was going to meet up with a potential victim.

"He's pretty good at what he does," "Ann" said. "It wasn't his first time and knew it wasn't gonna be his last."

Police say there are victims from Hemet, Riverside, Moreno Valley and possibly more.



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