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On Approach: A Brand New LAX Is Coming

LOS ANGELES ( — A $14 billion overhaul is underway at Los Angeles International Airport, the seventh-busiest airport in the world.

The LAX rebuild, which started in 2006 and is expected to continue through 2023, is the biggest public works project in L.A. history.

Construction starts next year on the Landside Access Modernization Program portion, which is a massive $5.5 B project that includes a people mover and consolidated rental car facility. and will take six years to complete.

"It is a hugely important airport, one of the busiest in the world. Yet the experience for the traveler is not up to par with what you'd expect in a global international airport," says travel expert Brett Snyder.

That's about to change. For the first time in 30 years, LAX terminals are being remodeled. Concourses, gates, check-in areas and baggage claim are being made over from top to bottom.

But that's just part of the reconstruction. The biggest chunk of the project's budget is going to build the Landside Access Modernization Project. It will include an elevated people mover more than two miles long. Passengers will be whisked to pick up and drop off spots, a metro station and a new rent-a-car facility.

More than 70 million passengers every year. Every one of them could face more hassles and delays, once construction begins.

"We ask that you be patient with us understand that there is a lot of challenges through all the construction," said LAX's Chief of Planning Cynthia Guidry. "But you will be proud in the end because you will along with everyone else will be able to stand and  be proud of the great accomplishment."

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