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Omarosa Says Trump Is Racial But 'Not A Racist'

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) --   In what appears to be a daily desire to say something that will offend  or upset millions, last night Omarosa Manigault Newman, fired by the Trump administration for a job she had trouble defining, said her former boss, Donald Trump, was racial but not a racist.

She made the comments on "Nightline."

Earlier in the day, while talking about the lack of diversity in the White House on "Good Morning America," she said she has a "story to tell."

Later, co-host Robin Roberts took exception to the fact it sounded like Omarosa was peddling a book. Roberts said of Omarosa, "Bye, Felicia."

Omarosa later countered that she thought Roberts was trying to touch off a "civil war" among black women. Social media backed Roberts overwhelmingly, and on "GMA" Omarosa also said that "I have seen things [in the White House] that made me uncomfortable."

She referred to "my people" causing many black people on Twitter to ask "who those people" are.

On "Nightline," she told reporter Deborah Roberts that she believes President Donald Trump isn't a racist -- something that he has been called repeatedly since declaring his candidacy and throughout his presidency, even by members of his own party.

"Donald Trump is racial, but he is not a racist," Omarosa insisted.

Essence Magazine, a publication aimed at black women, posted their response on Twitter.

In August -- in one of the biggest missteps of his presidency thus far -- Trump  defended the "very fine people" on both sides following the Charlottesville white nationalist rally where three anti-KKK demonstrators were killed and more than 30 were injured.

"The things that he says, the types of pus hback that he gives, involve people of color. These are racial exchanges," Newman said. "Yes, I will acknowledge many of the exchanges — particularly in the last six months — have been racially charged. Do we then just stop and label him as a racist? No."


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