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OJ Simpson Pop-Up Museum To Open In Chinatown

CHINATOWN ( — The white Ford Bronco has returned.

As CBS2's Jo Kwon reports, an OJ Simpson museum is opening at a Chinatown gallery.

The white Bronco sitting right outside the museum is not the actual vehicle OJ was in during the 1994 chase -- just the same year and model.

"It's just so iconic," says Adam Papagan, the man behind the pop-up museum.

He grew up in Brentwood -- the center of the Simpson murder case.

"So I've always felt a fascination with it," Papagan says.

Two years ago he turned his fascination into a business -- The OJ Tour, taking tourists to the crime scene and other spots.

He started collecting Simpson stuff.

"The weirdest thing in here -- we have three different OJ board games," he says.

The board games include a Trivial Pursuit-like game; Squeeze The Juice, where you play as OJ's defense team and try to drain him of his money; and OJopoly, the OJ version of Monopoly.

Of course there's some love for the gloves.

There's also sports memorabilia -- some signed.

The pop-up museum will be open Friday through Aug. 22. Tickets cost $5 at the door and $4 online.

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