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Officer files retaliation claim against LAPD after she accused an assistant chief of stalking

Officer files claim against LAPD after accusing assistant chief of stalking
Officer files claim against LAPD after accusing assistant chief of stalking 01:49

An officer is suing the Los Angeles Police Department for retaliation and discrimination after an assistant chief allegedly stalked her.

She claims that her complaint was leaked out of Internal Affairs resulting in more harassment. In it, she claimed that Assistant Chief Alfred Labrada stalked her after the couple broke up in June 2023. The pair consensually dated for more than five years. 

LAPD Assistant Chief Alfred Labrada is accused of placing an AirTag in someone's belongings.  LAPD

Days later, the woman received texts from colleagues asking if the rumors that Labrada stalked her were true.

"The LAPD again failed one of their own and derailed her career — victimizing her all over again," attorney Matthew McNicholas said. 

The unnamed officer reported the alleged stalking in September 2023 after she discovered an Apple Airtag attached to the undercarriage of a car while on a trip with friends. After finding it, one of her friends scanned the tracker to determine the serial number. Her attorney said the owner's information attached to the specific device matched the last four digits of Labrada's city-issued cellphone.

The officer then filed a report with the Ontario Police Department before going to the LAPD. After letting LA investigators know she filed a police report in the Inland Empire, officers arrived to her home to take her statement. 

However, when they scanned the Air Tag, there was no trace of Labrada's information, according to the woman's attorney. The firm said their client believes Labrada was tipped off about her report. 

The department placed Labrada on home assignment while the investigation continues.

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