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'Occupy LA' Protester Arrested, Demonstrators Fear They May Be Forced To Move

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — "Occupy LA" demonstrators are concerned they may be forced to move after police were called to the tent city near City Hall at 3 a.m. Thursday morning.

A man told authorities a protester was armed with a rifle, but police only recovered a knife.

One person was taken into custody, but his name has not been released.

Mayor Villaraigosa issued a statement Wednesday saying he's concerned about public safety and what the demonstration is costing the city.

"The lawn is dead, our sprinklers aren't working, our trees are without water. The protesters must respect city laws and regulations, and while they have been allowed to camp on City Hall lawns, that cannot continue indefinitely," he said.

Protesters say they're peacefully exercising their rights to assembly and free speech in what they say is a protest against Wall Street greed.

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