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More Fallout For O.C. Dental Clinic That Allegedly Infected Children

ANAHEIM ( — Fallout continues for Children's Dental Group of Anaheim.

The clinic is accused of infecting scores of patients with a contaminated water supply.

Lawyers for some of the alleged victims said children required removal of teeth and jaw, painful procedures and hospitalization following the contamination. There are about 150 children involved in the legal action, with their parents bringing the action.

For the first time Friday, lawyers representing all the children, about 20 attorneys in all, were in the same place. A hearing was held to determine if all the cases should be rolled into one.

The children reportedly became infected after the clinic performed baby root canals.

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The clinic was closed twice after the Health Department found bacteria in the clinic's water supply.

"They became infected," said attorney, Dan Hodes, "There was a water issue. There was an overtreatment issue. And this resulted in infection and in many cases removal of portions of jaw -- serious stuff for little kids."

Attorney Tom Cifarelli represents five of the children.

"We're looking at all potential sources of water contamination as well as over treatment as well as inappropriate treatment," Cifarelli told KCAL 9's Michele Gile.

Alexander Napolin, who also represents some of the children, said he is concerned for the family's as well.

He says many of them are low-income and can't afford the fees to pay for the mounting medical bills.

"There's bills coming in from the hospitals," said Napolin ,"that aren't being covered that are going to collections. There's mothers who can't work because they have to take care of their children. They're being evicted from their homes."

Some of the children, Napolin said, still need follow-up dental care.

Cile tried to reach Children's Dental Group's CEO -- Sam Gruenbaum -- for a comment but at press time had not heard back.

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