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OC Cyclist Records Pickup Truck Driver Trying To Run Him Off Road

DANA POINT ( — An Orange County cyclist recorded a dangerous encounter with an aggressive pickup truck driver over the weekend.

Bryan Larsen, a semi-professional bicyclist, said a truck tried to run him off the road as he was riding with a friend south on Pacific Coast Highway through Laguna Beach around 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

"I was in a lot of fear. They came into the bike lane. The tires were as big as I was, and I thought they were gonna run me over," he said.

Larsen told KCAL9's Stacey Butler that traffic was bad and every time they passed the truck, the driver blew exhaust at him.

"We just kind of passed it off as the guy is frustrated with traffic and he's taking it out on us," Larsen said.

Miles down the road in Dana Point, Larsen said the driver did it for the fourth time.

"I pulled my phone from my back pocket and I turned it to video," he said.

Minutes later, Larsen said the truck pulled up next to him and a female passenger threw bottles of water and Gatorade at him and shouted profanities.

"No cyclist should have to deal with that," Larsen said.

The bicyclist said the driver took off after he realized he was being videotaped.

Larsen immediately reported what happened to police.

"They're still out there. And could be doing the same thing to other cyclists," he said.

A sheriff's spokesperson said detectives are investigating the incident as an assault and battery.

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