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OC Company Helps Homeowners Save Water By Purifying Pools

HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — Draining and refilling a swimming pool seems wasteful, especially in a drought.

Now, one Orange County company is helping homeowners save water through a special process usually reserved for purifying drinking water.

"The problem we're dealing with invisible," said Brett Gereau of Purified Pool Water. "You can't see it, but if you were to test this water, the calcium, the salts, it's all very, very high. So, it means you have to add more chlorine to sanitize and keep that water healthy."

And that's just what happened to the Robins' pool. It's long overdue for a refill after 10 years of treatment. But draining the pool was out of the question.

"We decided that it was the best thing because of the drought situation. We didn't want to empty the pool, and so this is what we decided," said Jennifer Robins of Huntington Beach.

The Robinses hired the company, which uses a reverse-osmosis trailer, to clean 20,000 gallons of pool water. It cost them $1,200.

The process, the company says, makes the water as clean as if it were coming out of the tap.

"All we're doing is we're sending water to the trailer, purifying it and bringing it right back to the pool," Gereau said.

The company says 90 percent of the water is conserved, with 10 percent lost in filtration.

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