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Some Nuns 'Roar' Over Prospect Of Katy Perry Buying Former Convent In Los Feliz

LOS FELIZ ( — A multimillion-dollar real estate deal in Los Feliz went a little "hot 'n cold" depending on who you ask.

At stake is the former convent for the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a hilltop property with panoramic views of Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles has been in talks with pop superstar Katy Perry, who has agreed to pay the archdiocese $10 million in cash and alternative property for House of Prayer valued at $4.5 million.

Los Feliz, Former Convent
(credit: Margaret Carrero/KNX)

The archdiocese has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to block of the sale of the property to local restaurateur Dana Hollister, who entered into the deal with the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman is the chief financial officer of the order that has five living members left. She says she prefers Hollister over Perry.

"It would be her home. She mentioned bringing her family, her parents, grandparents, her business," Sister Rose told CBS2's Jeff Nguyen.

Hollister says at this point she doesn't know exactly what she will do with the property, but said: "It should be a part of this world, and it needs to be a part of the world."

In a statement, the archdiocese said: "Unfortunately, the archdiocese had to take civil action to protect against the unauthorized action by Ms. Hollister, which was undertaken after the preferred transaction had been accepted with the Sisters."

Perry, who is the daughter of an evangelical minister, met with the nuns and performed a gospel song, according to Sister Rose.

After meeting with Perry, a majority of the sisters agreed with her proposal, according to Monica Valencia, director of media relations for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Valencia further said in an email to CBS2 that all proceeds of the sale of the property would go to the Sisters.

The news station reached out to a representatives for Perry but has not heard back.

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