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Notes From the L.A. Auto Show, Part I

KIA       One of the manufacturers that's impressed me (and almost everyone who writes about cars) this past year is Korean carmaker, Kia. It's now a generally accepted fact, that Kia (and mother-ship, Hyundai) are comparable in quality to any Asian brand. Sometimes, better. With Toyota, Honda, and Mazda out there, that's saying a lot. But what sets Kia apart to me , is its most recent direction in styling. Which means, it has one.

The Kia Optima checks all the right boxes for a 4/5 passenger midsize 4-door. It looks aggressive, edgy, solid, and strong: all characteristics, the car itself exhibits. Good move; and one that's mirrored even in the line's most-modest offering, the economical little Rio:

And my favorite, the Rio 5-door SX, a steal at around $18K :

Keep an eye on Kia. It's design cues (car language) will make it worthwhile.

(Photos courtesy manufacturer)


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