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Not As Many Americans Saving For Retirement, Study Finds

CORONA DEL MAR ( — Sailing off into the sunset may just be a dream for many who still need to work to save.

"If you can start to save in your 20s, that's fantastic," said Karen Sarten of Beacon Pointe Advisors.

But the reality is one in three people, according to the report from GOBankingRates, haven't saved a dime for retirement and that's looking at across the age spectrum.

The study by the website surveyed about 1,500 people, about half of whom have put away less than $10,000.

"In your mid-30s, early 40s, late 40s, life is expensive," said Sarten. "Marriage is expensive. Kids are expensive. And so, generally what we see is people tend to boost their retirement savings in their late 50s and early 60s and that's OK."

Sarten works in Newport Beach with about 100 clients on their investments and savings plan.

Steven Hendlin, an Orange County doctor, has been careful to save for years.

"So one of the things I found is as early as you can in your life, you don't live off credit," he said.

For those who need motivation, savings tips include tracking your spending, building a plan, and having someone to hold you accountable.

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