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No Power? No Problem: Residents Make Do After Thanksgiving Power Outages

EASTVALE (CBSLA) — A power outage won't keep the Aguayo sisters from putting out a big Thanksgiving spread for their families. 

"Do we have the grill ready just in case?," said Rancho Cucamonga resident Claudia Espinoza. "Can we ask the neighbor maybe?

The electricity has been off at this Eastvale home since just after midnight but the family is working around it so as not to disappoint the 30 guests coming to dinner. Cooking at a relative's in Rancho Cucamonga wasn't an option either because the power is out there too.

Many residents in Eastvale got messages from Southern California Edison warning them that wind-driven fire conditions would result in a power shut off. Because the oven isn't an option, the turkey at the Aguayo's will be smoked on the grill. The meal with all of the trimmings will be served by candlelight.

"It's all kind of weird being in this predicament," said Eastvale resident Adam Maldonado. "But we're all using our brains. We're using the grill to cook right now and hopefully, in a few hours it's cook to temperature."

A few miles away, Emily and Mia Lee are finding ways to keep busy without power. Their lights, TV, stove and uncharged devices are dead. They sat in their Eastvale home contemplating what to do for dinner. 

"We were actually wanted to meet up with our friends," said Emily. "But now the garage door won't open so we're just stuck at home."

Gusty winds blew all day in Chino. Customers in the outage area thought they'd have power by mid-day but it didn't happen.

"Personally I'm going to go where the power is at right now and just go cook for them and just try to make the most out of the day," said Eastvale resident Mason Hura.

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