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9 Women Now Accuse Life Coach Tony Robbins Of Sexual Misconduct

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A total of nine women are now accusing self-help expert Tony Robbins of sexual misconduct.

BuzzFeed reported Wednesday that another four women have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Robbins. This is in addition to five women BuzzFeed reported on last week.

Tony Robbins
Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree Tony Robbins speaks onstage at the 2017 Graduation Gala to benefit Happy Hearts Fund held at Aspire at One World Trade Center Observatory on June 7, 2017 in New York City. (Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Happy Hearts Fund)

The women are all either former staff members for Robbins or followers of his programs.

They are accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior ranging from groping, to making unwanted advances and exposing himself, BuzzFeed reports. The alleged behavior dates back to the 1980s.

In a more than six-minute video posted to his YouTube channel Wednesday, Robbins took aim at BuzzFeed.

"If you go past the headlines, and you read the actual articles, you'll see the facts don't support what they (BuzzFeed) talk about at all," Robbins said. "And more importantly, if you do your homework, you'll see the people they're quoting are saying they're misrepresenting them and flat out lying to them."

However, in the video, he also apologized if any of his previous behavior had "offended anybody."

"I know now they're gonna try and come out and say four, five more people are upset with me for something I said or did in the 1980s or 90s when I was in my 20s or early 30s... Listen, I'm not perfect, I never claim to be...And if there's anything I've ever said or ever done that sincerely that offended anybody or hurt anybody's feelings or they felt anything of that nature, or just didn't support you, I apologize, that's certainly not my intent."

"I'm certainly a better human being than I was in my 20s and 30s, at least I believe I am, I work my a-- off to be better."

On May 17, Robbins penned an open letter to BuzzFeed in which he wrote:

"Let me be clear, while my open-classroom therapeutic methods are not for everyone, and while I am on my best day still only an imperfect human being, I have never behaved in the reckless, irresponsible, or malicious manner intimated by false, unfounded, and incendiary allegations suggested by BuzzFeed story-tellers."

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