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Tenants Say Threats From 'Nightmare Neighbor' Are Escalating

SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) — They call him the nightmare neighbor.

"He keeps screaming and yelling. Threatening," said Betty Oliver, 70, who lives next door to Mark Yaskoweak -- the man who neighbors say has been screaming obscenities and threatening violence at all hours of the day and night for nearly a year.

The neighbors who live in a rent-controlled building across the street from the beach in Santa Monica say late last week his threats of violence escalated.

"He came running with a hammer to attack the nighttime security guard," said Oliver.

Santa Monica police say the sheriff's department has been trying to evict Yaskoweak for months, but he never comes out of his apartment long enough for them to make the arrest.

His neighbors say he has food delivered in boxes so he can stay inside indefinitely and now he's leaving his trash in the hallway.

"Today he was screaming and yelling and now he put his trash out there. So I'm thinking of calling the health department," said Oliver.

"My mental health is very fragile right now because of him. It gives me anxiety. I feel like he's going to break in. I never know. He broke into the neighbor's door. Broke the door down. So I don't know," Oliver continued.

Santa Monica police say they have a misdemeanor arrest warrant for Yaskoweak. But that does not give them the authority to force open the door.

"I'm scared. I'm scared to see him. I'm scared to run into him because he's a big dude. So he's scary," said resident Anna Zito.

On Tuesday evening, building management will be holding a meeting with the folks who live in the building. They said they will have an attorney present to talk about where it stands right now. But it appears that as long as he stays inside his room and has food delivered, he could stay there indefinitely.

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