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COVID-19: Newsom Directs Bars, Clubs To Close; Calls On Home Isolation For Seniors 65 Or Older

SACRAMENTO (CBSLA) — Governor Gavin Newsom Sunday called for closure of all bars and wineries throughout the state of California and home isolation of those 65 and older. In a news conference, the governor also called on those who are chronically ill to remain at home.

"The most important thing is to protect the most vulnerable," he said. "We are calling for the home isolation of all seniors in the state of California ... and those with chronic conditions."

When pressed about the enforcement mechanisms, Newsom expressed confidence that the public, businesses and local governments would follow the directive.

Newsom also directed all bars, wineries, clubs, and pubs to close throughout the state in the interim. and restaurants to reduce their occupancy by half.

"We believe that this is a nonessential function in our state and we believe that it is appropriate under the circumstances," he said.

The measures follow the state's efforts to prevent and reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We need to meet this moment head on and lean in. We need to own this moment and take action that is commensurate," he said.

In response, Mayor Eric Garcetti issued the following statement:

"Everything we do right now will determine the outcome of this crisis, and we can save lives if we stay calm, care for one another, and take forceful steps to protect our communities. That's why we must follow the guidelines laid out by Gov. Newsom, build on them for local needs, and put the health and safety of the most vulnerable above all else. Los Angeles has weathered enormous challenges before, and our strength and resilience are this City's most powerful assets."

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