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Newport Harbor High Vandalized With Nazi Posters

NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) – One of the Orange County high schools whose students were caught on camera last weekend doing Nazi salutes and forming swastikas at a party has been vandalized with Nazi symbols.

OC high school students do Nazi salute at party
A photo posted to social media shows a group of students from Newport Harbor, Costa Mesa and Estancia high schools doing a Nazi salute and forming a swastika at an off-campus party. The photo started making the rounds on March 3, 2019. (Twitter)

The principal of Newport Harbor High reported Sunday that about 10 posters with Nazi markings were posted all across the campus sometime overnight Saturday.

The school immediately removed the posters and contacted Newport Beach police, Principal Sean Boulton said in a message to parents.

"We condemn all acts of anti-Semitism and hate in all their forms," Boulton wrote. "We will continue to be vigilant with our stance, and the care of our students and staff."

It's unclear if any suspects have been identified.

On March 3, a photo surfaced on social media of students at an off-campus party saluting like Nazis around red plastic cups arranged to form a swastika during a game of beer pong. The party was attended by a few dozen teenagers from Newport Harbor, Costa Mesa and Estancia High schools. The photo touched off a firestorm of criticism, prompting several community meetings.

Newport Harbor High even brought in Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss, the stepsister of Anne Frank, to meet with some of the students involved.

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