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New Video, Details Emerge In Bizarre Hollywood Shooting

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — New video and disturbing details emerged Friday evening after an unidentified gunman opened fire on pedestrians and cars earlier today in Hollywood.

Police tell KCAL9 the 26-year-old gunman, a white male, has no relatives in Los Angeles. His relatives are all back east. The gunman's mother requested 24 hours to be able to tell her other children about their brother.

Melissa McCarty, reporting for KCAL9, found a man who videotaped the incident from his 4th floor window at the Sunset Vine tower.

Chris Johns, CEO of Support Save Solutions, even dangled out of his window to try to distract the gunman.

At one point, the gunman can be heard shouting up to Johns, "Send me ammo."

"I tried to shout random things...anything that came to mind," said Johns, "to slow him down. I was trying to get into his head."

Johns even yelled down to the gunman to "shoot me" instead of the unsuspecting passersby.

And the gunman paid attention.

Johns also tried to warn officers arriving on the scene. Johns can be heard yelling frantically, "Take him out, take him out."

McCarty reports up to ten cars were hit by gunfire. It was miraculous that only one man was seriously hurt, said police.

The gunman's last words reportedly, "Call an ambulance."

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