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New Threat For Professor Who Went On Trump Rant At OCC 

COSTA MESA ( — The Orange Coast Collge professor who called Donald Trump's election "an act of terrorism" received a new threat Thursday, while the student who taped the rant is cleared of wrongdoing.

For the first time, the student who shot the now viral video met with the dean of students to learn his fate.  The student had been facing a lawsuit, suspension or expulsion.

"It was a very fair meeting," Josh Recalde-Martinez, president of OCC's Young Republican's Club said. "The student will likely not have any action taken against them by campus administration."

The student is still afraid to go on camera until he gets it in writing.

This saga is far from over. Just hours before the meeting, Orange Coast College campus security received a letter addressed to professor Olga Perez Stable Cox whose anti-Trump rant was posted on social media. Inside the letter was a powdery white substance. Hazmat teams later found it to be harmless.

"It really concerns me. I don't think any individual no matter who they are or where they are from should be reacting in that way to this story," Recalde-Martinez said.

CBS2's Stacey Butler  tried to speak with Cox at her home. A woman came to the door and said she wasn't there. Cox reportedly left the state for several weeks when she told reporters she received death threats.

She claims one email read:

"Go out in the middle of the football field, pull out a handgun, put it to your temple and shoot yourself. Or better yet, douse yourself in gasoline and set yourself on fire."

Recalde-Martinez and his attorney, Republican National Committeeman, Shawn Steel, have also received hateful posts through social media.

One read:

"I will hunt down your sisters, wives, and grandmothers. I will rape them. I will burn them. I will kill each and every one of you (expletives.) Genocide to the whites. DEATH TO TRUMP!!!

Martinez is less concerned about the trolls, than the teacher who will return to the classroom next semester.

"It causes concern for me because this teacher has been quoted as saying she'd say everything all over again," Recalde-Martinez said.,

Costa Mesa police are involved in the investigation.

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