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Homeowners Watch Sliding Canyon Country Hillsides Anxiously As New Storm Arrives

CANYON COUNTRY (CBSLA) — With heavy, steady rainfall expected to move into Southern California again Friday night, Canyon Country residents are anxiously watching their unstable hillsides that forced several homes to be yellow tagged.

Residents of two homes in the 19700 block of Terri Drive in Canyon Country, and three homes below the hillside, have been asked to be ready to leave at a moment's notice this weekend, when a major storm is expected to bring up to two inches of rain to the area.

A large swath of the hillside has already been covered with plastic tarp held in place with sandbags.

"They've done a really good job of covering it all up and putting the sandbags down, so whatever they can do to keep the water out keeps everybody happy," Stephanie Estrada said.

Estrada's home is at the center of the moving earth. Less than a week ago, a chunk of her home's backyard began moving and crashed into the backyards of the homes below in the Trestles neighborhood.

Her home and several of her neighbors' homes have been yellow tagged, and they are only allowed to be there during the day.

Geologists and city staff have been out to the neighborhood to study the problem. The housing tract has been around since the 80s, and neighbors say they have not had any problems until now.

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