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New Instagram Page Hopes To Bring Back Wholesome Love With 'The Way We Met'

LOS ANGELES ( —  A new Instagram page is hoping to bring wholesome love back to the Internet.

A tall order, to be sure. But "The Way We Met" is hoping to bring more romance to the world.

KCAL9's Brittney Hopper reports the page is the brainchild of a local woman.

These days, with just a click or a swipe relationships can form. Posting selfies is the norm.

Brooklyn Sherman, 27, wanted more. She told Hopper she wants to put some love and positivity back into the social media world.

"People are comparing their lives to other celebrities and people who are glamorizing their life and painting this false reality that just doesn't exist," Sherman believes.

So she started "The Way We Met."

The page is filled with serendipitous stories about how couples met and fell in love.

"Average people finding love and finding happiness," she said.

The stories range from a couple meeting at a red light then bumping into each other weeks later at a cafe -- to another couple who just celebrated their 65th anniversary.

The account started just two weeks ago and already has close to 70,000 followers..

With such a viral expansion, Sherman believes that more people out there want to believe that they, too, can find real love -- even in sometimes crazy places and ways.

"It's out there and I think there's someone for everyone. I really do," Sherman says.

Sherman is looking for authentic, organic stories of how two people met and fell in love.

Ironically, she doesn't want to include stories about people meeting via social media.

Just good, old-fashioned ,modern-day love stories.

To find out how to get your love story considered, click here.

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