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Inspiring New Mural Is Destroyed By Graffiti Vandals

LOS ANGELES (  — A new and inspiring mural in Los Angeles has been tagged, and the artist believes his work has been destroyed.

The mural takes up most of the wall on the side of the Lyric Theatre in Hollywood.

KCAL9's Brittney Hopper spoke Thursday to the theater's executive director.

The theater operates as a nonprofit organization helping children in art programs.

The mural now has white lettering all over it. It looks like the work of two taggers.

"Devastated. ... Very, very devastated. I grabbed my face and cried a little bit," says Ryan Braun, Lyric's executive director.

He came to work Wednesday morning and was shocked to see the destructive tagging.

"Kids come here to learn Shakespeare and to deal with their issues and work with art and music, not to be scared or threatened  by something we're not associated with," Braun said.

The artist recently painted and donated the mural, which usually starts about $10,000 if he's commissioned.

"No artist should stand there and paint over someone else's work of art. It's a destructive force," said Braun.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for anyone with information that will lead to the arrests of the taggers.

Meanwhile, reports Hopper, the artist says he will donate a new mural.


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